The wealth of data during a highly detailed, constructable Tekla model boosts the sunshine metal frame construction process. With the model information, you’ll increase productivity, minimize errors and waste and improve planning, collaboration and communication between the project parties.

See the newest developments of Tekla Structures and find out how to profit from model information throughout the sunshine metal frame fabrication workflow. The manufacturing industry has been revolutionized since its introduction to automation. Manufacturing machines that have the advantage of automation leave shorter lead times, more accuracy, and better pricing. Here at VIP, we’ve invested in many sorts of machines that provide automation. Below are the kinds of machines we’ve in our state-of-the-art 153,000 sq ft facility:

VIP automationVIP has eleven turret punch presses with auto load capabilities. Pictured is that the Amada Vipros 255 with MP1225 auto loader. this technique allows the machine to run unattended for extended periods of your time . With a maximum sheet size of 50″ x 100″, we are ready to nest individual parts of assemblies to save lots of material and production time. Automation at VIPAutomation with VIP continues on within the brake area with four Amada Astro-100 robotic brakes. Astro series bending robots are a number of Amada’s greatest performers. The robotic cell consists of a bending robot, a loading/unloading robot, and a FBD III press brake.