We are proud to be among Toronto’s leading producers of structural steel. The proven excellence of Weld Rich and Steel helps our company develop higher quality standards, and our staff brings their expertise to every individual project in the Greater Toronto Area. No matter the size of the project, with premium craftsmanship and unparalleled professionalism, Toronto’s leading structural steel manufacturer is ready to meet your specifications, schedule, and budget.

We design manufacturing strategies that are customized to both your monetary needs and your high expectations. We do what we do extremely well and we guarantee your satisfaction, no matter what with our work. For inquiries about custom steel production and options customized for you, contact Weld Rich and Steel today. You will be amazed at our manufacturing of structural steel, that’s for sure!

We turn raw steel into the cut, drilled, welded, adjusted, and painted frames ready to produce, working from solid plans. With the exception of stainless steel and aluminum, we specialize in cutting and changing steel steps, steel rails, handrails, metal decks, steel gates, steel fences, RTU frames, and all forms of welding.

Our design team develops and manufactures well to understand what it takes to promote a steel erection operation. Our manufacturing services at Techno-Weld Limited include our ability to provide different steel products not only to meet your specifications but to represent unique project needs.

The supply of structural steel Design & Production goes to:

Industrial storage room
Floor Mezzanine
The Canopy
Joist in steel
Deck of Metal
Reinforcement of Joist
Gratings The
Fences & Decks
With handrails
Frames from RTU
Ladders for
Bollards Bollards
Grills & Gates
The Railings
We also have skilled installation service to complete the job, in addition to supplying the supplies and manufacturing.

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Steel goods Finishing, Welding & Installation

We mount them as per your specifications after the items are produced, welded, and completed. Our regular finish is most often a prime paint that is added to improve the finish, which in turn enhances the elegance and safety, such as galvanized or powder coat. Some of the things which we weld and mount include:

Stairs-concrete pan stairs fitted, bar grates
Caged ladders, pit elevator, roof hatch
Railings: ramp rails, picket, mesh, pipe z-line
Bollards-embedded, fixed to the surface, decorative
Dock Frames Loading
Tools-Custom, substitutes
Machinery: bracing, mounting, components
& Most Others