Grapco Tooling History

CNC Milling Services in Canada

GRAPCO TOOLING INC- Industry Leader in Precision Machining

Founded in 2008, GRAPCO TOOLING INC is a company that has always been an industry leader in machining business. We provide an extensive list of manufacturing capabilities, serving both the domestic and international markets without compromising time, cost and quality. Our facility is well equipped with a full range of modern machinery, software, and tools necessary to proficiently manufacture a customer’s needs.

Boasting over 10 years in precision machining, GRAPCO TOOLING INC offers a wide range of services to our customers, that includes

  • CNC Milling
  • Metal Fabrication and Welding
  • Latest technology for Wire EDM
  • Conventional machining

With the most advanced and up-to-date equipment, we serve Automotive and Aerospace Industries with short and long term production runs, prototypes, tooling, and custom jobs or any complex parts or any complex parts. We also manufacture all kinds of tools and die works to a variety of metal fabrications – from the smallest to the largest die sets and machined steel plates. Our expertise and experience in manufacturing die sets, steel fabrications, and steel plates, ensure stringent quality standards and controls for our customers. We strive to provide precisely manufactured components and leverage the latest machining technology.

Our machining expertise with a highly skilled and committed workforce allows us to custom build precision quality products that conform to customer’s requirements & specifications.