Wire Edm & CNC Machining Services In Mississauga

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CNC Wire Edm Services

EDM (electrical discharge machining) Wire cutting technology has one among the foremost precise cuts with hair-splitting tolerances of 0.0001”. it’s also ready to cut relatively thick blocks of fabric up to 10.0”. Virtually any metal is often wire cut, even hardened alloys, and steels.

By using spark discharge, the material is eroded away at a molecular level allowing for incredible resolution. Due to this, we employ EDM wire cutting in a lot of die making processes to ensure the finest quality products.
If you need extremely tight tolerance profiles cut, give us a call for a solution.

CNC Machining Services

CNC  Machining Services in Mississauga

  • Phoenix Tool specializes in complex machining & prototypes
  • High-speed spindle up to 21000 rpm which enables to achieve mirror polish finishing
  • High-speed machining using the state of art in using the latest cutting tools enables us to stay competitive without compromising quality.
  • Using Makino and Haas, Phoenix Tooling serves customers in Mississauga for all Industries.
  • Phoenix Tooling serve Mississauga customers in the following fields
  • 2d and 3d Machining ( soft and Hard milling )
  • Low Volume Production Machining
  • High Volume Production Machining
  • Prototypes
  • Fixtures & components for Tool & Die, Stamping dies, Nuclear, Aerospace, and automation components.

We offer precise profile cutting which will not damage the other materials like seals or any of the product’s interior.
This precise ability will allow engineers to review the performance structure and capabilities which will leave the determining of product failures or state of wear.

Serves customers in the following Industries.

  • Tool & Die
  • Stamping,
  • Injection mold,
  • Nuclear, Aerospace, and Automation Industries.
Wire EDM in Mississuaga