From old school traditional turning operations with added milling less than 10 years ago to multifunctional robotics machining, increasing machine use, freeing up skilled workers from repetitive work, and up-skilling for even higher levels of productivity, the world of manufacturing continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

The Belgian enterprise RoboJob BV, which has built a CE-marked compact safe cell that allows easy access, has an interactive simple programming framework and generic component stockers, has created the third field of robotic technology or the middle ground. This flexible unit allows a robot to be used or not used, as well as to be moved to other devices.

Phil remembers that the Ford Motor Company introduced a large range of efficient new processes and techniques, but this did not save them from the short-sighted industrial environment of the time that had little to do with the goal of manufacturing components for businesses that had invested extensively in new technology effectively and profitably.


There are so many opportunities for greater efficiency today, but they require some form of investment that needs moderate and often higher capital levels. Coupled with this, a shift in the philosophy of who can do what and the most productive use of skilled labor is the single most critical problem.

7 Reasons Why CNC Machining Wins Over Traditional Machining

Basically, the integrated OGL units allow us to achieve higher productivity levels without the normal overhead expansion that was always required when you wanted to get more out of the day,’ said Ken Horner, KH Engineering Company Director. They are a good piece of well-supported technology that is clearly designed but so durable that they are highly reliable-just great engineering! “Said he. We have medium-sized production runs today and changeovers are done easily and efficiently once the operators are comfortable with the set-up. It is important to support yourself and take control of the future, like all developments in manufacturing,” said Ken.