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Multitasking Machines

Multitasking Machines

1.The Mazaak VC-500A/5X AM HWD

The Mazaak VC-500A/5X AM HWD multitasking machine from Mazak integrates a “hot wire” additive manufacturing technology that applies sealing coatings or generates near-net-shape component characteristics while the workpiece is installed for machining.

With the latest VC-500A/5X AM HWD multitasking machine on show at the company’s second Additive Manufacturing Booth 432000 in the West Building, Mazak is further expanding its multitasking technology. In partnership with Lincoln Electric, the company that designs, develops and produces arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems as well as plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment, the machine integrates a “hot wire” additive manufacturing technology developed.

Multitasking machine

Here’s how the process works:

An arc torch melts metal wire directly onto a base material and/or component, as with traditional welding. The two materials could be different (wire and workpiece). This helps the machine to create extremely accurate sealing coatings or generate features of the near-net-shape component once the workpiece has been assembled for machining, the company says. The technique may also be used to fix expensive, complicated components such as impellers, turbine blades, or parts of the instrument and die.


2.Hurco VM20i CNC Vertical Machining Centre

In order to assist in the development of the updated intake manifolds, the VMC system was purchased, turning what used to be a manual process into a fully automatic one that greatly accelerates the production process.

For all types of engines, like vehicles, quad bikes, and jet skis, Custom Plenum Creations designs and modifies intake manifolds for basically anything that is powered by petrol or diesel. The changes generate a major power increase. The Hurco machine selection was based on Mr Banco’s own personal research and input from other users of the CNC. After extensive negotiations with Applied Machinery over an extended period of time, the exact computer, a Hurco VM20i 4-axis model, was picked.


This machine has an insight into many strengths and features of the machine with the extensive training programme that Applied Machinery offers with all new Hurco machines.  For someone who had never used a CNC machine before to be able to programme it from day one is testament to just how simple it is to use the Hurco machine.

The efficiency provided by the new Hurco machine is literally staggering. On my computer, I just take the template I have planned, programme it into the system, set it in motion and walk away. The computer then performs the change so I can get to other work. Another main advantage of the computer, aside from the tremendous productivity and performance improvements, is that it allows for much greater precision and repeatability. the system will continue to do the same thing over and over again, which helps to build up stock levels so that can quickly supply customers.

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